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What is a Travel eSim

Posted by UniSimcard on 12th Aug 2022

What is a Travel eSim

Heres a little more about eSIM cards, how they work, and what benefits business travelers get. I should preface by saying eSIMs are as much of a necessity here at home as abroad, but for the purposes of this post, I am focused on international travel. As eSIMs become standard, it is going to get harder to find phones that do not support eSIMs and international travel. The more countries you travel, the more valuable international eSIM becomes.

As long as you pay attention to data usage, just like you pay attention to what you are eating (sorry, breakfast does not include ice cream), an eSIM will make your next international vacation go fast. If your device has an eSIM card, then all you need to do is purchase a data plan in the country where you are traveling. Then, you can use the QR code to activate this plan through your mobile devices eSIM. All you need to do is install an app from the mobile provider to activate eSIM services.

You do not have to put any physical card in the phone (since it is already built-in) and can immediately start using the eSIM plan (without having to wait for delivery). It also allows you to purchase your data plan from a different country, so that you do not have to pay the higher roaming fees. Dual-SIM configurations can also give you the option of using another SIM when traveling internationally, which allows you to use the same device without paying prohibitive fees. The UniSimCard eSIM offers all of the same fast-blazing mobile data, voice, and text services and plans that you are familiar with your physical SIM cards.

The UniSimCard eSIM is an electronic, embedded SIM that offers our ultra-affordable, 4G/LTE-speed international data roaming services, without having to carry around our physical SIM card inside your phone. Most new phones are Dual-SIM, so you can still use your physical internal sim card, but you can also use an eSIM to move back and forth between mobile data providers. Another great advantage of using the eSIM is you can switch between your domestic plans seamlessly (via the physical SIM) and travel plans seamlessly (via the eSIM). From your phones settings menu, if your phone supports an eSIM, you can easily choose which SIM card you want to use at any given moment, or you could have a sim that is used for your voice and text, and another one that is used for mobile data.

Once you know that your phone is compatible, you can select the eSIM provider that is compatible with the country that you are traveling in. With eSIM cards, it is easier than ever to keep using your own device when out of the country. Having an eSIM allows frequent travelers to stay always connected, regardless of how much they are traveling, and to enjoy cheaper local rates, it also means that you can keep your home phone number, if necessary, to avoid missing any important calls. Modern phones come with microchips installed which enable multiple eSIM profiles, which are like physical SIM cards, that contain both a phone number and data plans.

Since all phones with eSIMs now also have a physical SIM slot, the best way for many travelers to utilize an embedded SIM might actually be to stay at home. Dual-SIM phones let users keep using their existing, removable physical SIM card, but also gives them the ability to add a secondary phone number or data contract through an embedded eSIM. While not all of the European mobile operators offer eSIM mobile plans, every European country has carriers who accept the eSIM technology -- so, your phone automatically connects with one provider (no matter which eSIM plan you are using).

To make sure that your eSIM gets the best coverage, you should enable data roaming on your phones settings. Remember, if you leave the SIM on, your network provider can charge data roaming fees for receiving or making calls, and for text messages.

Choose the eSIM Card for calls and texts, and UniSimCard eSIM for data from the device. Mobile phones equipped with both a standard SIM card and an eSIM card can connect to two different networks, which will show up on the phone.

An eSIM will do almost all of the things that an older SIM card will, only you cannot pop it out of the device, and software has to instead be used to change mobile plans as opposed to getting a new physical SIM. An international eSIM plan usually costs a bit more than buying a local SIM...but is much more convenient. You can also purchase eSIM mobile data plans as soon as you arrive in Europe, visiting your cell phone store or SIM seller. Here are some other tips to make the most out of using a high-speed eSIM mobile data plan when traveling around Europe.

Let us look at the pros and cons of the latest smartphones that support the eSIM card, and talk about what the eSIM means for global travelers, using this International SIM Card Comparison that I put together. Where local carriers were slow to provide travelers with prepaid eSIM options, international SIM providers saw an opportunity. Not only can eSIMs benefit travelers with their ability to permanently remove costly international roaming fees, they also have the ability to allow for quick switching between different service providers right from the phone, in cases where one network might provide excellent reception and the other is spotty or nonexistent. Data services built around an ESIM are not usually as inexpensive as a local data pack, but they are cheaper than most roaming options, and are usually fairly affordable for light-to-moderate data usage.

Because ESIM cards are entirely digital, there is no need to pay shipping fees if you wish to purchase your European data plan ahead of time when you arrive in Europe. Simply purchase one of our eSIM Travel Mobile Data Packs for amazing prices in more than 160+ countries & regions worldwide and enjoy worldwide connectivity. You need to make sure that your phone is unlocked before you can install either the SIM or eSIM card -- many U.S. cell carriers use software that locks their smartphones to their networks, so that your phone wont function if you put in a SIM from a different company.

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