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​How to Reduce Roaming Charges Using a Virtual Number

Posted by unismcard on 23rd Apr 2020

​How to Reduce Roaming Charges Using a Virtual Number

Traveling overseas? You sure want to keep in touch with your loved ones at home or with your friends. Using SIM is one of the ways to keep constant communication with the people you care about who is left in your motherland. Unfortunately, your existing mobile number may be on reachable or if it is contactable, you may need to pay skyrocketing roaming charges. But did you know that it is now possible to be in contact and eliminate the expensive roaming charges? All you need to do is add a virtual number to your SIM.

Virtual Number: What It Is?

A virtual number refers to a local number, for example, is an NY landline number, London or Paris landline number attached to an existing mobile number. The virtual number will allow people to call you without you spending hundreds or thousands of bucks.

The process of using a virtual number is pretty simple. You only need to add the number of the city you live into your existing SIM. Afterward, forward the current or existing overseas mobile calls to the virtual number. Since the number is already local, the calls will be free (just like how it is supposed to be). If anyone contacts your existing mobile number, they will be redirected to the virtual number. The virtual number will be routed to the number’s virtual provider.

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