Multi Region SIM Plan 2

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$50.00 - $170.00
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

Product Overview

Multi Region Plan 2

Easy to use - Plug and Play
Allows tethering
Perfect for tablets, smartphones and hotspots
3 in 1 SIM card nano/micro/mini fits all phones!

Our SIM Card for Plan 2 is the perfect solution for travelers who are visiting one or more countries and need data service for their smartphone, tablets, mobile hotspot or any other Wi Fi enabled device.

• Get prepaid internet at very low costs in 59 countries
• 4G speeds in countries that offer 4G
• Reduce your data roaming charges by up to 95%
• Compatible with all unlocked devices & all SIM sizes
• Add a data bundle to get even lower data rates
• Packages for 1,2,3 & 6 GB
• Add voice (optional)

All packages are good for 15 & 30 days

You can also make and receive calls with this SIM card. The data SIM works (see coverage tab). This data SIM card is "plug and play" which means that there is no configuration procedure on your device.

Simply insert the SIM card into your unlocked phone*, tablet or whatever other device you are using and you will have instant data connectivity. The data SIM offers 4G speeds where available and 3G speeds in other locations.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review