International travel SIM Pay as you go

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Mex$504.32 - Mex$12,103.62

Product Overview

UniSimCard prepaid SIM card is helping companies around the country to save money on roaming charges. Unisimcard prepaid SIM card allows you to use your mobile phone while traveling abroad to inexpensively make mobile phone calls and global SMS without incurring expensive roaming charges. The SIM card works in over 160 countries worldwide.

No need for packages and surprices you can spend only the amount you have in your account, pay only for usage

Balance will remain in your account as long as you use it ones every 12 months

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  • Voice
  • SMS (text messaging)
  • Data (web,email etc.)
  • Coverage in 220 countries
  • No Contracts/Commitments
  • Pay as you go billing
  • Free incoming SMS worldwide
  • Monitor your usage online



(No reviews yet) Write a Review