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What are the benefits of using UniSimCard VoIP App? There are two major benefits:
Coverage and Rates. FREE incoming calls !!!!

They are a few countries where we provide limited or no GSM coverage, as long as you can access Wi-Fi connection then you will still be able to make and receive calls on your Global Voice VOIP app.

Calls between two phones both using UniSim are absolutely free!

Why is making and receiving calls with UniSim-VoIP different from regular calls?
The main difference is the cost and call quality. Connection quality of the calls made using GVC-VoIP option over Wi-Fi will only be as good as the quality of the Wi-Fi connection.

Automatic Configuration: Automatically configured when the end user logs in or simply scans a QR code.

  • Battery Life: Push Notifications enable this unique mobile softphone to significantly conserve battery life when the app runs in the background.
  • Features: Offers a full range of features such as:

    • Speed Dial
      • Easily store important phone numbers to make calling your friends and family anywhere in the world easier than ever!
    • Call Forwarding
      • Forward calls to your home, office or any other number you need. This convenient feature helps you to never miss a call.
    • Voice mail
      • Select standard voice mail, or get messages by email as both an audio file and text with our premium voice mail.
    • Call Waiting
      • Manage multiple incoming calls at the touch of a button, putting the first call on hold while you answer a second call.
    • Ring Tone selection
      • We provide an attractive selection of ring tones, enabling you to easily customize your app from the settings menu.
    • Address Book integration
      • Our convenient mobile softphone app can easily integrate with your existing mobile phone’s address book contacts.
    • Call Recording
      • At the touch of a button, you can record important phone calls and store them for the future, or download them.
    • Video Calling.
      • Our unique mobile softphone app lets you make and receive high-quality video calls with your friends and family.
  • Dialed numbers can be automatically re-written to accommodate special dialing protocols around the world. The app currently supports multiple languages.

Roam abroad with your existing number!!
Get a local phone number to match your country of residence. Then simply forward your existing number to your new local number and we’ll send all your calls to your UniSimCard. The call first will ring in the Global SIM and after a few rings will be forward to the APP allowing you to save money and to be available at all time It’s effortless!

How is making and receiving calls with UniSimCard-VoIP different from regular calls?
The main difference is the cost and call quality. Connection quality of the calls made using UniSimCard-VoIP option over Wi-Fi will only be as good as the quality of the Wi-Fi connection.

Please be advised that depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi connection, the quality of UniSimCard VoIP calls can be inferior to the connection quality of the regular UniSimCard international SIM card roaming network.

UniSimCard VoIP Outbound Calling Rates Per Min ($USD)

Rates displayed are for calling to landline numbers in these countries. Rates calling to mobile numbers and/or to certain cities may be higher or lower.

Albania $0.19
Algeria $0.07
Angola $0.04
Argentina $0.02
Australia $0.01
Austria $0.12
Bahamas $0.03
Bahrain $0.12
Bangladesh $0.04
Belgium $0.02
Canada $0.01
Chile $0.02
Colombia $0.02
Costa Rica $0.02
Ecuador $0.12
El Salvador $0.17
Ethiopia $0.24
Finland $0.41
France $0.01
Germany $0.01
Ghana $0.29
Greece $0.04
Guatemala $0.08
Honduras $0.14
Hong Kong $0.02
Hungary $0.07
Iceland $0.01
India $0.01
Indonesia $0.04
Iraq $0.16
Ireland $0.01
Israel $0.01
Italy $0.01
Jamaica $0.24
Japan $0.02
Jordan $0.17
Kazakhstan $0.02
Kenya $0.21
Korea (South) $0.03
Kuwait $0.05
Lanka $0.11
Laos $0.08
Latvia $0.17
Lebanon $0.09
Lithuania $0.16
Luxembourg $0.20
Macau $0.13
Malaysia $0.06
Malta $0.01
Mexico $0.01
Monaco $0.08
Mongolia $0.01
Morocco $0.02
Mozambique $0.06
Namibia $0.14
Nepal $0.16
Netherlands $0.32
New Zealand $0.01
Nicaragua $0.14
Nigeria $0.12
Norway $0.01
Oman $0.12
Pakistan $0.05
Panama $0.02
Paraguay $0.03
Peru $0.01
Philippines $0.12
Poland $0.01
​Portugal $0.03
Puerto Rico $0.02
Qatar $0.145
Romania $0.01
Russia $0.04
Saudi Arabia $0.11
Senegal $0.24
Serbia $0.18
Singapore $0.01
Slovakia $0.01
Slovenia $0.21
South Africa $0.16
Spain $0.01
Sri Lanka $0.19
St. Lucia $0.27
Sudan $0.15
Sweden $0.01
Switzerland $0.01
Syria $0.27
Taiwan $0.02
Thailand $0.07
Turkey $0.04
Turks & Caicos $0.21
​UAE $0.16
Uganda $0.15
UK $0.01
Ukraine $0.10
Uruguay $0.06
USA $0.01
Uzbekistan $0.10
Venezuela $0.02
Vietnam $0.07
Zaire $0.33
Zimbabwe $0.11

Rates only depend on the country you are calling TO, it does not matter what country you are calling FROM.

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