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Top 10 Hotels to Stay in Tel Aviv recommended by Unisimcard

Posted by unisimcard on 6th Feb 2020

Top 10 Hotels to Stay in Tel Aviv recommended by Unisimcard

Unlike in the past, choosing the best hotels to stay in Tel Aviv has become quite challenging. Not that it is a bad thing, but rather due to the fact that dozens of hotels have surfaced over the past few years. So before you think about things like how to avoid roaming charges, where to get Israeli SIM or Israeli sim card, and which tourist spots to go, you need first to know what the best hotels in the place are.

Without further ado, here are some of them.

#1. Brown TLV Urban Hotel
This one here epitomizes a hotel with unique atmosphere and style. Its recreation of the glamour known during the 1970’s makes it an interesting hotel to stay.
#2. The Vera Hotel
A boutique hotel known for its industrial-chic environment, it is a sanctuary for all design enthusiasts. In fact, it is built by Tel Aviv’s very own artists and suppliers.
#3. Hotel Montefiore
Unlike its contemporaries, Hotel Montefiore is a sophisticated place that boasts quality air throughout. It is better known for its high level of service that speaks of excellence.
#4. Fabric Hotel
If you are wondering what a hipster Brooklyn could look like in Tel Aviv, then you better stay at this stylish boutique hotel. Believe it or not, it was built from a former sewing factory.
#5. The Norman
An exquisite five-star hotel, The Norman has raised the bar high when it comes to the standard of boutique personality.
#6. Poli House Tel Aviv
Want to experience a laid-back luxurious stay? Look no further than this funky and stylish property!
#7. Hotel Saul
Hotel Saul is known for quality guest service, especially since it offers complimentary Netflix.
#8. The Drisco Hotel
An easy favorite for art lovers, this property is packed with original hand-painted murals.
#9. Dan Panorama Tel Aviv
This is the kind of hotel you want to go with if you are a first-timer, especially if you want to explore and enjoy what the city is all about.
#10. The Setai Tel Aviv
With jaw-dropping panoramic views and a sexy rooftop pool, there is no doubt you will love this hotel.

You can find more hotels by alltherooms

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