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​15 Facts About Masada - Dead Sea, Israel

​15 Facts About Masada - Dead Sea, Israel

Posted by ezineArticles on 19th Mar 2020

Masada, also referred as Metzada, is a mountain top fortress that is located on the western shore of the Dead Sea in Israel. The Fortress includes barracks, storehouses, an armory, palace, cisterns, e … read more

Cellcom APN Settings

Posted by unisimcard on 19th Mar 2020

Access the following Settings to add Cellcoms APN:Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > New APNThen enter all these information :Celcom 3g internet se … read more
Stuck inside-Quarantine

Stuck inside-Quarantine

Posted by UniSimCard on 18th Mar 2020

It started slowly. With concerts being postponed and sporting events being cancelled. Then many were advised to work from home as much as possible. Now schools are cancelled in many places and experts … read more

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